Saturday, November 3, 2012

Garden News

Well that should be Green House News? I have to say my Lemon Balm is very fertile. From the mom I got many, many babies. I went and moved these babies about a month ago and they did ok. About a week later I went out to cover the bed and found more babies. Those babies were pulled and put into pots and put into the green house. Well two out of the five died. But in dying they had babies. These are their babies. It's hard to see the baby in the first photo so I took another but it came out blured. The third one is a baby that was born about a week ago. They are really teeny tiny.

Then I have this tomato. I don't know how or why this happened. But it just grow and grow and grow and it's actually still growing. It has weave it's way through the ladder and shelves there. It has produced a few cherry tomatoes.

It has just grown.

In other news I have LOTS of new herbs coming...Stay tuned for those come next Spring and Summer.

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