Sunday, July 29, 2012


So life has been kicking my butt lately. The stress is so over whelming that there are times I can barely breath, let alone move. My head pounds and I can barely move it. Let alone mother my kids.

I have had the joy of fighting with the state, the way they treat foster parents is unreal. So bad, that I would never treat a dog like this how is this aloud? Because of the way we have been treated we have asked them to remove this child and to close our house. We will not be kicked around and treated like trash.

The stress comes with the kids consent fighting, the foster girl and my boys do not get along. The stress is coming from having a foster child for 6 weeks and haven't seen a penny from the state. Not one dime. All her needs have came out of our pocket. So we are hurting money wise, not painful, but some tough decisions have had to be made and it's not pretty. I can't tell you how many times we have called, and left messages, emails, and nothing back from anyone. We have realized we have been lied to many times over the course of this. Not to mention my caseworker is on leave for 3 months and didn't bother to tell us, I would think a mass email to all she covers would have been very nice. But nope. The people covering her are not returning calls. I'm tired.

So today, trying to forget about my stress I was out walking the garden this evening. Checking out my cabbage when what do I find? Well it's not cabbage...It seems some Cauliflower has snuck in and so I picked some cauliflower tonight and got it into the freezer. So excited. My garden just has not been producing and so I will not be canning much this year. In fact I haven't canned anything yet this year from the garden.

Then you add in hurricane mom, who is brewing out there in the ocean and about to make landfall. It's unreal to me that someone could loose their home after 32 years. How does that happen? Well it happens by having a spending habit. And it happens by dad turning his head and letting her spend instead of putting a foot or two down. Well there is an offer on the house and it will be closing soon. But my parents being my parents have not started to pack. They have not looked for a rental (I don't think they can afford one) They have not made any plans to leave yet. So instead of being home and working on this issue they are out camping for the next 3 weeks. Can someone tell me how this makes sense? I know i have a call coming, i can just hear it now. Marcie, there is a 24 hour notice on moms door and it was dated for yesterday.

Me working 3 years in the short sale business means nothing to them. So when I say the bank could pull the offer at any money and send your house to auction doesn't scare them. Even through they just had a friend get a 24 hour notice. That can't happen can it? yeah it can and it's legal.

So yeah just some stress in my life.

I'm trying to get back into sewing, oh how I have missed it, but when your head is going boom, boom, boom or you are yelling at the kids, you dont' have time to sew. So my first day alone after vacation I finally made the batman pillow cases Cole has been begging me for. It takes so little to make him happy. Of course daddy was jealous, good thing I made two!

Up ahead I have a rummage sale to put on. So excited as I have been unloading the house of clutter. And knowing it's going to a good cause. To buy school books for the school the kids use to go to. I love putting on a good rummage sale so I'm looking forward to this.

After the rummage sale, I have to get ready for home school, and closing the garden and getting ready for fall. And hopefully a LOT of sewing and cooking. It's amazing when the stress is beating down on you, you can't bare to be in the kitchen baking. Hopefully I'll be back in there soon. I cleaned it spotless yesterday, does that count? 

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emaegf said...

Yes making the kitchen spotless counts.
What a lovely cauliflower. When I first ran into the orange ones I was told it tasted like it had cheese on it. I tried it but no cheesy taste but it was good.
Hang in there my friend, one day it will be better.