Saturday, November 26, 2011


Lots going on here and not enough time to blog. First Bridget has been sick, very, very sick. Basically her partner in life died, she lost her spunk and the other goats took the chance to beat her up and push her around. Unaware to me until she started to drop serious weight. So last Monday night I found her down really late at night, another goat probably knocked her over and she couldn't get up. Well I picked her up and brought her in and she was in the goat hospital (aka laundry room). We brought in hay and gave her grain and treated for worms yet again and kept her warm and happy.

Tuesday was spent giving her a bath. I kid ya not I gave this goat a bath. She has had diarrhea so very badly and she needed a good bath and tail cutting. Another night in the laundry room and I was ready to kick her out. But I couldn't just kick her out, she needs her own space where she won't be picked on and where she can eat.

Here comes in the make shift pen. We went out and bought a tarp and set to work. We used things that were in the back field and came up with this. Really hard to see because we spent two freezing hours on this project and it was near dark when we were done. But she gets to see her goat friends, she has her own space where she can eat freely all by herself. During the day we will let her out and as it gets dark put her away. The great thing is I can see her from the house. So if there is a problem I can spot it right away. She is starting to gain weight, and the most exciting news is she has normal poop.

In the goat world sadly poop is where it's at. If a goat has diarrhea, basically start digging a hole, she is sick and you can rarely save them. Normally poop means everything is working well. We got lucky with her. You should see how happy Bridget is in her new palace.

Speaking of that it took me over an hour to clean up the goat hospital. I have forgotten how messy this can get because we haven't had anyone in the laundry room in a very long time.

Next I went looking for a recipe and for the life of me I could not find it. But I found stacks and stacks of printed recipes and all sorts of binders, half full. So I organized. When I was done, I still didn't find the recipe.

See I organized!

Next, It's Thanksgiving and I am not big at all about Thanksgiving. Maybe because my mother is always drunk and speaking negatively about everyone, and my father is usually passed out from too much food after the meal. The TV on really loudly, kids bored out of their mind because dinner is an hour late, because my mother had so much negative to say and she wants to make sure she got it all out? Honestly I don't want the kids around that. So I ditched it this year. And honestly I'm not up for making a Thanksgiving meal here. So we did a rousing meal of fish and chips and onion rings.

We have plans to hopefully one day to expand out our house a bit, with that giving us a bigger dining room and kitchen and living room, and I like to use and a lot apparently? So I'm hoping down the road to put on a big meal and have an open invite to everyone from family to friends, and either come or go I don't care, but your invited. So one hopes I can do that soon?

So I am loving this pumpkin picture....

Because it shows off the table runner I have been working on. Isn't it lovely?

Then we have the 30 dollar Thanksgiving make over. Do you see the piece holding up the TV, I spent a whopping 30 dollars on it. It totally inspired us to make over the whole room. After getting this piece in and the TV up and everything moved in. We decided to take everything else out of the room. We re-worked the bookcases and we got rid of a lot of toys. It needed to be done. So basically if there wasn't room, it wasn't coming into the room.

In the end, 5 bags of toys in the garage, a garbage can full, and two book cases were removed. See you can see the wall now. I totally love that we got rid of a lot of toys. I love how you can walk in there. I love how there is a space for everything! I yell clean up and it's cleaned up in 5 minutes now. Because the kids know where to put the toys.


Rachel said...

Glad Bridget is improving. Love the table runner. Did you quilt it? Impressed with the reorganizing. And thinking your family doesn't read your blog...

Marcie said...

I didn't even think of that, but no my family doesn't read my blog. My mother won't touch a computer. I have a very interesting story coming on Bridget, very interesting issues on her....Stay tuned.

Crunchy Sews said...

I'm so glad Bridget is doing better. Such a pretty pumpkin on your table runner! Isn't reorganizing wonderful? When my kids were small we had a bin with a photo/name of what went in it for all categories of toys. It helped a lot for clean up and also when the kids were out and begging for a new toy, I would ask, 'do we have some place to put it?' which sometimes ended the begging.