Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What a week....

Well the deck is framed out. It's a whopping 32 feet long. OOPS. But it will look so good when it's done. 

We were able to afford a few boards so we got a start on it. 

And then we have a fence. Oh this fence. See neighbor and I agreed we could do this fence next year with hubby doing all the work. But someone changed her mind without telling me. We had a fence guy show up and honestly hind sight, I should have said NO and called the police. But I allowed him to take down the fence even through I had tons of work on my end and the dogs. He said it would be done in four days.
And it seems neighbor wanted a six foot fence all the way down. NOPE, It will be replaced as it is. half at 6 foot and half at 3 foot. It's more of a safety issue to be able to see in and out of the drive before turning onto the road.
Fence boy talked me into cutting down the mail box, because a new post would look good with the new fence. FINE very unhappy, but FINE.
So fence boy got it all torn out, the next day put the post in, and changing the height. Why. OH because this guy whines, and I mean WHINES about cutting wood, even through I said I would bring out my chop saw and cut the boards for him. So I left it at four feet, and left him. Well in walking the post that night (midnight)  I realized he didn't give me a post for the mail box? So in talking to him the next day. Oh that isn't my job. Oh I was so steamed I had to walk away.
So hubby and I dug out the old post because he just cut it off, Dug it out and replaced and because of how pissed I was, we cut all the post down to 3 feet. Had to match the mail box you know? Oh how pissed this fence guy was when he came back. So he had words, I had more words and basically told him where to shove his fence boards, I told you 3 foot and I mean 3 foot. And walked away. He also informed me in all the words, he won't be connecting the fence to the mail box. Then why the hell did you have to cut down the mail box? there was NOTHING wrong with it. Another pissed off moment.
So Thursday night I'm just looking at the posts, knowing the next morning he would be back to finish and I realize he isn't connecting the new fence to the old fence. You have never seen my level of prissiness go so high. I have dogs and kids and goats, all that can fit through the gap he left.
Oh the next morning I let it all rip. Me yelling at neighbor and yelling at fence boy. She had the nerve to say, he is a professional he knows what he is doing. Hum No do NOT call him a professional. A professional, would, not rip out a mail box for no reason, He would not leave a gapping hole, he would not have thrown the old fence all over my back yard for me to clean up, and no professional would WHINE about cutting freaking boards. I just let it all go, until Hubby carried me away.
So I went to town to do errands. Told hubby to watch every nail going in.
So I'm currently not talking to neighbor. what freaking dis-respect she should have spoken to me, we should have been on the same page about fence and fence height and such. Last week was not the week to pull this. But it's her way or the highway I guess. Her excuse is she didn't have time to talk to me. Bull Crap, her and fence boy were out in her front yard talking and I was in the front yard watering she could have called me over, a 5 minute talk could have solved all of this. She chose not to talk to me.
In hindsight I should have told him NO, I should have sent him away and if not going, called the police. And forced neighbor to talk.
Now that the fence is up, it's a piece of crap. The spacing under the fence is horrid. Enough for a small dog to go under, let alone a digging dog. The spacing between the boards is horrible. His idea to fix the gap is horrible. Although I got my mail box up, after I left they were waiting for neighbor to go and pick them up a nail gun (hum a professional would have a nail gun) just saying, I had yelled at fence boy over the mail box before I left. So he know I was really pissed.
So the neighbor owes me an answer as to why she did this without talking to me. She owes me an apology. Until then I'm not speaking to her, because why, I'll be cleaning up the mess for months that fence boy left all over my back yard. On the flip side she really needs us more then we need her so it's a matter of time. 

The gap, it's over a foot wide. 

The done fence. 

In other news after months of debate we have decided to put all efforts into moving. We really need a bigger house and more land space. But how do we move? We logically can't leave the area because of the in laws. They are getting older and we are the closest. But yet we want an old house. So here is our plan. We have opened an online savings account and will pour all extra pennies into it. Right now we are looking in the next town down from us, you get older houses and more land. If something comes along we want to put down a nice down payment if not pay cash for it. If in laws pass and nothing yet, we will start to look in the OR area. We only plan on moving one more time. So we will take our time looking and make sure the next house is it. In the mean time build up savings, pay down house. 

It has been HOT here. This is HOT. Last year we had 70's and I was running the food dryer every day. But its been over 90's and I won't run the dryer in this heat. Heck won't run squat in this heat. Although peppers and tomatoes are Loving it. Tomatoes are starting to trickle in all ready. We've been eating peppers for weeks now. This weekend I'm probably doing pesto.
So hopefully get the deck semi done next week, well done enough for me to walk on it, without risking my life. We will then be cleaning. We have lots of cleaning up to do around here. Sheds to go through and just de-clutter. Other neighbor is having a summer long garage sale (oh yea) we took over some free stuff and it's all gone, so see if we can take over some more free stuff.
Other then that just surviving the heat, I don't do heat. Sigh.

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Linda Heminway said...

You know, while I was reading this, I was thinking I might really want a 6' fence between me and that neighbor.... things like this infuriate people and I smiled when you talked about moving afterwards.
I had a bad neighbor once and I no longer live near her. It is so peaceful, though I miss that house and it's property.