Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sneaking online for a second. It seems my hard drive has died, well near dead. After some googling I thought I could fix it and ordered a new hard drive. Got that and plugged it in and got a black screen. Googled how to get past that and did everything mentioned and NOTHING. Finally to save my sanity, I decided to send it back and save for a new computer. After thinking by the time I paid for the hard drive and maybe recovery disks that don't have great reviews and probably having to have someone look at it, because I'm so not a computer person. You have spent enough to buy a new computer. 

So we are in the process of saving for one. Since we pay cash it may take awhile. Although after getting a computer I'm dreading attempting to hook the computer to the printer. Took me many months after getting a new router to get the computer and printer to talk. Still can't get hubby's computer and printer talking. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Be back as soon as I can.

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