Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tomato Freak!

Yep me. I planted hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes this week. And yesterday they started to pop. So very exciting. I won't know the final count until or if they pop and are planted? I am also growing a few for the neighbors. Not to mention the tomato book I ordered and me googling the author and finding his blog and now I need all the tomatoes he created. OY.

I am dabbing in peppers this year. I'm doing 3 hot and 3 sweet. We shall see?  I did mark the tags properly, as HOT or Sweet.

We got a new toilet this week. Our old toilet, it got to the point you just couldn't flush. You plunge and plunge and yeah no, couldn't flush. It was 20 years old, so it was time. 

Our new toilet came with a cat apparently? 

Onions are starting to pop. So exciting. 

My tomatoes. Every time I go in to look I see another has popped and looks like this. It's so exciting. To see a seed you saved, and it looks like this. I have two more orders coming in. As seed orders come in Tomatoes are planted asap.  Would love to have over 200 tomato different seeds by the end of the year. Currently sitting at 163. I keep my tomato list updated as they come in.

During rain breaks I've been out working in the old raspberry area. I got some of the raspberries planted. Although our goal is to have the new raspberry bed done and raspberries planted by next weekend. As raspberries should be in the ground as they are getting ready to start growing and blooming. I also want to get the old area all cleared, looking pretty and weed block down so I can plan what to do in that area next? It might be kept cleared this year? It's a tough area, so we will see? Might even open it up to the goats?

On the goals, the truck is set to get tires next week. We just have to get it to town. Hubby wants to do one more thing on the truck and then it's done for the moment. It will go back on the list later for other things I"m sure. But need to work through a few goals first. On the way home from town we will pick up a truck load of dirt to fill the raspberry bed. I also need to get the tomato bed up and going soon. So much to do and sooooooo little time.

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