Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plastic Bags...

So I watched a documentary yesterday called Bag It. I so highly recommend you watching it. It reminded me of things I know, and it explained things I didn't know. Like I had no idea when you "recycle" plastic bags they get shipped to Asia because it's a very messy process to recycle them. Not to mention the whales, otters and fish we are loosing because they are eating plastic from the water, instead of food. They don't know the difference. This film showed the stomachs of these creatures. Very gross. But very eye opening.

I have been only buying safe plastic for the boys to keep snacks in at school. Other then that we don't use plastic here. I am in the process of ditching the microwave. We have been ditching cans, because of the bpa. One reason I love my canning. Soon I will be many other things to get rid of plastics. We will be making our own soaps and shampoos and such. Lots going on to take us chemical free around here.

So at the beginning of the year, I wanted to go bag less. Something I had been working towards, but you know what I'm getting off my butt that is it. I will not bring home another plastic bag! I use a lot of store reusable bags. But the produce bags seem to get me. So I got off my butt today and I cut up one of my dollar sheets and made 6 bags. These will be my produce bags or farmer market bags or what have you. One sheet made 6 bags. I will try and do another sheet tomorrow. I want to make a good supply of them.

Cute right?

Folds small enough to put into your pocket.

Ethan made his own. He is on board.

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Jessica Guzik said...

A few months ago I started collecting plastic bags (wal-mart, etc) to make re-usable plastic shopping bags. I have to cut the bags & then loop together to turn into plarn (plastic yarn) and then crochet them. They are so durable & I get compliments on them every time I go shopping.