Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Updated Goat House

We had Sun today, nearly forgot what that was? So we went out and worked a bit on the goat house. We got one side up, this is the side we got up. We are piecing together wood. So far we have spent a whopping 16 bucks on this house. We have another 2 bucks to go.

This is one side of the house. Poor thing.

This is a front view we got all the walls put up. This will be the front of the house.

This is a side view. We have two doors and one window. I know it looks like we have 6 windows. And a sky light/window. We will get the rest of the siding up as we have time. We so lack on time.

But as we are out working the goats were helping. Eating hammers and nail bags and everything. I know they can't wait. When this house is done we will tear down 1-2 of the current pens. As they have seen better days.

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Nancy said...

OK, I'm not sure which I love more The Goat House or My Brothers Did It! My sister's boyfriend raises goats so we are blessed with fresh goat milk and goat cheese (which she makes). Yum.