Sunday, November 22, 2009


So we went out this morning and picked up two new girls. The girls are soooooo CUTE and love able. They did not want to leave mom, but I think they are doing OK here? Right from the start Buddy was all over them. Well he is male and these girls are cute. He is fixed, but going through that stage of exploring. After both girls kicked him, he stopped trying and they became fast friends and Buddy took them around the yard to show them around. Buddy is the same size as these two which is great to see.

And all the other goats are slowly getting to know each other. The girls know where their pen is and where the hay is and I've all ready feed the cob for today. The sun is out, the first time we have seen sun around here in a long time. I was out mucking today, the lovely chore of having goats. But it was the first time in a long time to get out there and clean up their area. Clean out all the old hay and such. So far every one has been getting along. So here are a few photos I went out and took of my now nine babies.

This one is Sierra (I hope)
This one is Bridget (I hope)

Sierra and Bridget on one of our wood piles. Max and Leo in the back there.

Bridget and Bella getting to know each other. This did end well.

Chip going what the Hell MOM!

The gang, Buddy is the dark one on the left.

This is Buddy up close.

Sierra and Leo getting to know each other. Bridget wanting nothing to do with him.